Top Camps for Swimmers in Canada

There are several excellent programs available across the country which will help your child to become experts in this sport. If competition level training is not your top priority, there are a variety of other programs that offer swimming. This will help your son or daughter to become more comfortable in the water while learning new techniques. Whether they are a beginner, have some experience, or engage in galas on a weekly basis, you will be able to find a summer program where they can have fun and learn something new.

Camps That Are Specialized

Several camps place the sole focus of their itinerary on water sports. Branksome Halls Day Camp in Rosedale, Toronto is a state of the art athletics and wellness center. Suitable for both boys and girls, this center aims to hone the skills of children aged between four and twelve years. This program is run as a day camp where they can choose to focus on one of a variety of activities.

Another excellent option is TAC Aquatics which offers swim schools, first aid, and life-saving skills. There are three different branches in Toronto. This program places vital importance on training appropriate skills in the water, from basic to the more intensive specialized courses. These programs are suited for children of any gender, and they accept kids between the ages of two and a half and up to sixteen years of age.

Camp Artaban on Gambier Island is a summer program which focuses entirely on water sports. They have a variety of different water sports on offer including wharf jumps, beach combs, and several other activities. It is as easy as when you book online with instadebit and credit cards accepted, to enjoy online gaming.

Camps Which Offer Swimming as an Activity

If your child has an interest in water activities but is not sure if they would like to pursue it further, it may be a good idea to send them to one of the following programs. Camp Pathfinder in Algonquin Park was established in 1914 and is traditionally aimed at boys. Boasting several experienced instructors, other activities offered on the premises include canoeing, water skiing, and other water-based activities. Boys between the ages of seven and up to fourteen could find that this is the perfect summer activity for them.

InterVarsity Circle Square Ranch in Halkirk is another excellent option where activities in water are a significant part of their program. This is one of nine different InterVarsity programs across the country. Their activities aim to provide your child with an adventure filled summer, where they can learn valuable life skills in addition to having a great time. Kids between the ages of seven and fourteen are welcome to attend this overnight project. It is also suitable for any child regardless of their gender.